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Recommendations on increasing BHP on ford fiesta ecoboost mk 7.5


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Hi, I'm new to this and just have recently purchased a 2013 ford fiesta ecoboots titanium X. I am planning on doing some mods ect so hopefully start a thread. Ive already got ideas on external and internal mods to do ,but just bit unsure about engine mods. What the best engine mods to start with to increase power? Any Advice would be greatfull,Jack.

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Could look at a remap. If it has a turbo then you can get some good bhp increases from a map. My fiesta for example has a 1.6 turbo diesel engine and I can get an extra 30hp from it. The 1.6 petrol engine which can also come on the fiesta I'd say only a 5 hp increase from a remap as its naturally aspirated. 

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