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Things I Don't Like


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Afternoon all.

Thought I'd try and create a thread to share the negativity of daily life and thing we dislike everyday.

I'll go first.

Sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting to be seen after being bitten by a spider and it's full of non tax payers higher up the queue than me.

KFCs new fries

Fuel prices going up again.

What's upset you today.

(Not a time to be needy)

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Things I dislike

People that crash into your car why your stood inside the chippy then drive off and then when you put a claim in against them for the damages to your car try to say i pulled out on him so now I'm having to go to court to prove that he was at fault. stupid people make my blood boil

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Bad / careless drivers.

Had some guy cut me up (by which I mean pull into the left lane in front of me with no indication - As I was speeding up and about to pull alongside him)

To make it worse, after we then both joined the on-ramp or "slip road" onto the Croydon Flyover, I wanted to be in the right lane to come past him, he sat in the middle of both lanes to begin with, and then gradually moved over but still not enough, i.e his right side wheels were well over the lane divider markings.....

What else ... let's see.

  • Drivers who leave a 10-20 metre gap behind the car in front of them during heavy traffic in which every bit of space is needed... had this happen too many times! (I should point out we were sat stationary.....)
  • Gung-Ho drivers who, even though they are on your side of the road, force you to move out of their way as they fly towards you at break-neck speeds.

Had another two idiots the other day do the following:

Sat at a set of temporary traffic lights meaning traffic is only flowing in one direction at a time.

I'm sat at the front of the queue to go down the hill, there is a queue of traffic backing up still waiting to go down the hill as the traffic wanting to come up the hill is on a green light (but can't move since traffic going downhill is blocking them in due to the congestion)....

Eventually the traffic in front clears, and by this time, my light has turned Green, I begin to drive around the sign, and start to pick up some speed going downhill, at this moment the guy wanting to go up the hill decides he doesn't want to wait any longer, and despite quite clearly contravening a red traffic light, decides to drive right past it, and straight up the hill towards me.... this forced me to slow down until he pulled into a gap on the left (i.e correct side of the road for his direction of travel) between the "WAIT HERE" sign and the temporary lights themselves..

He was followed by another guy doing exactly the same... my initial reaction was not only to slow down... but to hold up my hand in disbelief and sort of say "What the F*** are you doing?"

Thankfully the rest of the people behind these two clowns had more sense than shortness of patience, and sat behind the Red.

These are just a few of the things that have happened in the last two days!

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Drivers who insist in slowing down to 60mph or slower for speed cameras on a dual carriageway with national speed limit signs :angry:

And the ones who compound this by sitting in the outside lane when the inside lane is clear :rolleyes:

Plus drivers who dawdle along in front of you happily drifting across the centre line through bends etc then get to a set of traffic lights and go straight through on amber or just gone red leaving me stuck at the lights while they carry on their merry way.

Riding with a cycling club on weekends seems to bring out various idiot drivers too :rolleyes:

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Really, I thought you were a merc driver now, I thought you would jump in the car and annoy all other motorists on your half mile drive to the shops for the bacon :-D

Or have you not become quite that bad yet :-P

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Drivers who have a stupid low speed crash, probably while on the phone, causing no injuries but massive tailbacks of traffic.

Being stuck in said traffic for long enough that my office car park is full.

Needing to go to another car park where the attendants get the cars to park so tightly together that it's it's just barely possible to squeeze out of a space later that day, even in a Fiesta.

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Buses driving over centre line when you're coming the other way :eek:

Funny that, this happened to me the other day.

It was around a tight corner. Knowing there's a lot of knobheads who can't stay in their lane in my area, I always slow all the way down when approaching them.

Lo and behold a mental bus driver, overtaking a cyclist on a BLIND corner, almost completely in my lane. Stood on the horn for a good few seconds to relieve the rage.

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Having to potentially foot the bill for repairs to my car after the repairers cocked it up after it was involved in a third party fault accident...

Had I not parked my car where it was, the truck wouldn't have reversed into it, it wouldn't have gone to a !Removed! auto centre that caused extra damage!

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False widow spiders which we seem to having nesting / reproducing round here

I got bitten four times by False Widows last year, I've still got the flippin' scars!!


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Cyclists riding two abreast on the country lanes

At night when there's old people on the road and they break at everything (even though they're only going 2mph)

Idiots that keep their high beams on at you even though you've turned yours off


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Happy..............not 'being happy' I actually quite like that :) It's that sickening song of last year that Radio 2 seem intent on still playing on a daily basis!

Wrong indications on roundabouts! ie on a 4 entrance/exit roundabout, indicating right and coming off at the second exit!

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