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Ford ka drove through water, on and off shuddering when driving/ on and off check engine light


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Hi all,

So I got stuck in the storm saturday night and drove through an unavoidable, deeper than I thought puddle! As I went through it the check engine light was flashing but then went off, straight afterwards car was shuddering but didnt stop.

Drove it the next morning, seems to have full power but was shuddering still/seemed jerky or not smooth

Took it to a garage to plug in and check code which showed misfire from coil 2. Code cleared so light then off

Sunday-My dad is fairly good with cars so I took it to him to have a look at. Drove it from winchester to southampton ok, had no problems with power just this jerkiness. Dad checked all connections, removed coils one at a time and didnt seem to be any issues with them. Having previously had a clio misfiring in the same way this didnt seem to be the same. Dad drove it fast in low key to try clear anything out. Drove back to Winchester. Light not come back on at all during this and car seemed normal by this point.

Today/monday- drove it this morning back to shuddering and check engine light back on, took it to 2 garages both useless and run by teenagers! they said same thing misfire from 2 but didnt suggest any fix except changing all spark plugs but refused to touch them incase they sheared off. Took to a third garage, he said the car is not misfiring at all and the engine seems to be running perfectly. He did not plug it in and previous garages did not reset the code this time. When leaving garage light gone off and car seems normal again.

It seems that the longer it is driven it goes back to normal. My option at the moment is to have further diagnostic tests done however I thought I would ask if anyone had any ideas would it could be?

I feel very silly for driving through the water but I didnt have a lot of choice! I am hopefully it isnt anything terrible as the car seems to be running mostly normal. My Dad describes it as the car is just tripping every so often, there is no loss of power or signs of it misfiring.

Apologies for the very lost post!!

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Water can damage lambada top sensor. 

Also one of your fuel injectors could be damaged. 

Coil and spark plugs sound OK from what you describe. 





20 min job to fit both. 

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