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Intermittent Faults

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So the Other Half has a bit of a problem with her CMAX - it's an '06 plate 1.6 petrol - which despite being a bit gutless (especially compared to my Mondeo lol) hasn't been too bad...until now...

The car has started sporadically going into limp mode - but only on it's first run of the day, also known as "The School Run" and "Pretty inconvenient"

I've plugged in the ol' ELM cable and scanned using FORScan and come up with a few error codes across several modules.  All point towards CAN Communication errors (ABS, PCM modules are the two main errors causing concern).

Really, I'm after a few opinions...

My thoughts so far:

  • Clare might be a terrible driver (you can guess what the reaction to that suggestion hurts...)
  • Is it a problem with a cold car?  (more likely due to settling of components)
  • I'm looking towards connectors/plugs to be the problem...
  • Loose connections or damp in the plugs

Only thing is, I'm not 100% sure where the plugs may be...any hints on where to look or further ideas would be gratefully received (especially seeing as she's now driving my car...)


(If I'm slow replying to any posts on here, it's because I was caught writing the terrible driver bit, and I'm probably likely to end up in a coma lol)

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