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street ka alarm issues

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HI to all

Just wanted to share my experience of a problem with street ka alarm system.

As like so many others the alarm started playing up going of all the time when locked with the remote key 

I started   by checking  EVERYTHING else to see if anything else was playing up, and by a process of elimination discovered that the soft-top cover panel was NOT releasing when the button was pushed!.

after doing all the normal checks (fuse,s relays,switch etc) i had found nothing -so sat down  and had a think it went something like this!

? why would the alarm go off answer it thinks a sensor is showing an entry so where could that be checked bonnet  ok both doors ok so must! be the boot system.

Ok how does the boot sensor work? basically if the alarm thinks the boot is open it will not set ,and will trigger (ie- alarm sounds directly it is armed by the fob) which was exactly  my symptoms!

also if the system thinks the boot is open it will not allow the soft top cover to be released!. again my problem!.

so what could the issue be? i got to thinking that the only thing that tells the system that the boot is open is the fact the boot light COMES ON so i started to investigate that,

what i found was that clipped into the boot lock/latching  (bottom right hand corner) is a blue plastic micro-switch which is operated by the lock (small plunger pushed in breaks the contact so light comes on) the clip that holds it in place is really small and week and allows the switch block to move  and the plunger remains fully extended and is NOT operated by the lock, thus the boot light stays on all the time and the alarm sounds as soon as it is armed, and soft-top cover wont operate !.

to cure the problem get to long cable ties and use them to secure the blue plastic switch block tightly in the boot locking plate

the plunger then makes perfect contact and everything works once again! GREAT.

JOB DONE annoying problem solved!.

hope this helps someone out there!




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