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Grille Modifications

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Hi guys

Its my first time posting on here. I'm an ex biker. After 16 years of daily riding I had an accident and paralysed my right arm. Started driving lessons once they stopped pumping me with morphine, passed a few weeks later but legally only allowed to drive an auto. I'm driving a 2011 Fiesta 1.4 auto.

So I've fitted a cold air intake, Cobra cat back, remap, 17" Team Dynamics alloys, 35mm Eibach lowering springs, TRC eyebrows and a zetec s body kit. Modest mods, I know, but it's my first car, its only an auto, and my insurance is damn near £2k!

I got a zunsport grille fitted to it and it looks great but as its naturally asp, theres no intercooler, and the guts behind the grille (subframe etc) is ugly as sin. No issue at night but in daylight the grille is fairly see through

Has anyone got any ideas on how to improve this? I thought spraying the bits behind matt black to disguise whats there. Failing that, fitting a dummy intercooler maybe? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts


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