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Help please! Unable to program new keys due to immobiliser issues!!

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Hi  all. I'm new to this group and wondered can anyone help me please? 

My husband and my car keys were damaged beyond use some 5 weeks ago. All 4 keys, as I had his spare and he had mine, so we have no keys at all!!

Ford requested we have the cars towed to them to have new keys programmed however they were unable to get the immobiliser to turn off in both cars and therefore unable to reprogram new keys. 3 dealerships and 5 weeks later, we still have no solution other than replacing the BCMI and RKE module in both cars which may resolve the issue however this cannot be guaranteed.  

Ford UK have been very unhelpful and my question along with a solution this normal? Surely this can't be the issue every time someone loses, damages or has all keys stolen?? Is this how Ford when manufacturing the cars intended the software to be? I can't imagine it should be this difficult?

My car is a 2015 focus zetec and my husband's is a 2015 ST2.

Any help, advice or sympathy would be greatly appreciated 😄 we are struggling with work, childcare and day to day living with no I am sure u can all imagine! Thanking you in advance 



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