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Hi,new to these forums but been a member of Ford Clubs since the start of the century(omg that sounds such a long time!),mainly the Ford Mondeo Owners Club which seems to have vanished now,sadly after many happy years & events,I have had a number of Mondeos,my first being a 1998 Electric Current Red 4 door,a beautiful motor that I wanted to keep forever but the dreaded head gasket problems ended that dream,replaced in December 2004 with a low mileage State Blue V reg hatchback which was spoiled rotten & I still have to this day,along the way I have had 3 other Mondeos as 'runarounds',2 MK 3's & another MK 2,all V6 Ghia X's to keep the miles down on my main motor(& to stop it getting damaged which seems to happen almost every time I take it out!).

With the seeming end to the Mondeo shows my Mondeo these days tends to be appearing at Classic Car Shows,a bit out of place as many of the other cars on show are considerably older,the stuff for sale tends to reflect that also,but anything registered before 2001 is eligible for their shows,I have done the Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod a couple of times but this year I see that it is flagged up for cars before 1987 only,hoping to do a number of these shows this year,I have to keep it localish to my home on the Cheshire/Wirral border as arthiritis probs with hands & wrists stop me going too far sadly,the Mondeo has only done 700 miles in the last 12 months so hoping to beat that this year,one exception to the local rule has to be the Ford Day in Blackpool every September,we always thoroughly enjoy that & make a weekend of it so that I don't have to drive there & back in one day!


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Just to add a note that as well as my Mondeos to date I have also had the following Fords;

2 MK1 Cortina GT's

1 MK2 Cortina GT

1 MK1 Escort Mexico

1 MK4 Cortina 2.0S

1 Escort XR3(a rare yellow car)

1 Sierra XR4X4

If only I could have kept that lot,how much would they be worth today!

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