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Mk7 Fiesta Diagnostic help

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Hi there, I only bought my fiesta 3 days ago from a used car dealer and have been having a nightmare since. I got the car home and the check engine light came on so I scanned it using the OBD scanner and got "P0113 intake air temp circuit high input" and an intake temp of -40c. Am I right in trying to change the MAP sensor located on the inlet manifold on the front of the engine. I have tried talking to the dealer about getting it repaired by them as they sold me a faulty vehicle and it comes with some warranty but they are now refusing to honour that so I'm on my own until I can sort this out. Any help is much appreciated.  

I have checked the fuses and believe they are ok, I have also tried clearing the codes but they come back straight away. 

Also, does anyone know what the rubber pipe coming off the air filter is, it's a small rubber hose and on mine, it's been cut....would like to try to replace the hose so it works as intended.

the car is a Fiesta 1.25 petrol manual 😄

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