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Power steering and outside temp malfunction

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Hi guys,

I have a 2008 MK2 1.8 petrol Focus, duratec HE engine. 

Overnight, the power steering has stopped working. The outside air temperature also reads -60.

Thinking that the two were linked, I checked the fuses; all were fine. battery had good connections and is fairly new (6 months months).

Power steering fluid fine, right level and no leaks. 

Checked alternator. Was showing 13.6v when engine running and I got it to drop to around 12v under a heavy load with everything switched on. 

I was confident I had found the culprit! Insufficient charge had lead to the power steering being disabled rather than it cutting out mid-drive. So, replaced the alternator, however the power steering still isn't working! 

The new alternator runs at 13.9v and stays around there under a heavy load; but shouldn't this be up in the 14v range?

I think something has failed somewhere for the two to start playing up at the same time; I just can't think what. Any ideas / troubleshooting tips would be great.


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I had something the same as yours air temperature would not work at all

turn out to be the big multi plugs at the bottom of the fuses box coming loses maybe the same with yours

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