Mondeo 2.5t exhaust and clutch

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Hi all. 

I am loving my 2.5t mondeo, smooth power  and good amount of poke. 

My question is,

how much power will the standard clutch take without slipping?  Looking at getting a tuning chip for the car but don’t want to burn the clutch out quicker than it would normally.

Also, I want it to sound a little bit more sporty without making it drone and without spending huge money on a full system. I have seen a pipe that will replace the mid box. Anyone know what difference it will make?




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I found that as soon as I went with the stage 2 map from Bluefin my clutch started to slip, though with 130,000+ miles on the clock it might have been close anyway (although stage 1 showed no signs of it).

Since then I've fitted a new DMF and clutch from a Focus RS (bolted straight on) and it's been fine since.

Can't help with the de-res pipe you mention as I've not heard of them for the Mondeo, and I ended up going with the Scorpion turbo back system. The cat-back alone gave a nice deeper exhaust note but if you want more performance you'd have to look at the downpipe and de-cat/sports cat.

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