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Dash cam placement on 2017 Fiesta with front sensor housing


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Hi all,

I would like to get a dash cam fitted to my Fiesta 2017 which is the new model that has an auto dimming rear view mirror and a large plastic housing that extends from that right to the windscreen that contains the front facing camera for some of the car electronics.  Hopefully there are some people here that know what I'm talking about.

Anyway I was looking at that entire arrangement and I can't really see where Halfords (sorry!) will be able to fit the dash cam because that plastic housing totally blocks where it would normally go.  As far as I can see, I think they'd be forced to place it further across right above the passenger seat in the windscreen there.  I have a feeling it is going to look quite intrusive there.

Just wondering whether anyone here has managed to fit a dashcam to a car model with one of these standard sensor housing in the windscreen and how you decided to place it.


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The pictures are not the best but this is where i fitted mine on my 2017 fiesta.

Halfords would probably fit it in the same place just to the left of the mirror  as there's not really any where else it can go,as for being intrusive it is quite noticeable but from the passenger seat at eye level  it's not directly in the eye line as one of the pictures show. 

hope this helps the camera I've got is a nextbase 512gw so it is quite a chunky unit.





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