After sales sat nav/android system

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Hi all,

Anyone fitted an after sales sat nav (not Tom Tom windscreen type) or android unit?

I've got a 2014 2L AWD Zetec, and I'm looking at possible upgrades, I've heard going sync 1 to 2/3 is complete nightmare so after your guys thought on this

thanks in advance



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I’m currently looking into a Sync 3 upgrade from a Sync 1.1

If you need any info the Focus forum has a couple of really helpful threads and very helpful people on it.

Ford themselves can fit a pioneer touchscreen dab CarPlay android auto unit I rang them direct. They didn’t know they could do it until they said oh yeah apparently you can ... £1000+ though.

Read somewhere the 10” Android one is a bit slow to boot up and can be laggy.

Choice is yours.

Good luck!

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