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I have an Ford Kuga diesel that there is a turbo problem on. 
I almost immediately get the fault code P2263 after starting to drive. 
They guy I bought it from got a diagnose from a mechanic where they said the turbo is shot. Reason was a vacuum problem...
The throttle body is kinda broken in half, but works. Could the turbo issue be a following fault for that? Getting a new throttle body tomorrow.

At the start the turbo seems to be fine, but after a little bit of driving the ESP light comes on and it seems to cut the turbo completely out. 
Could it be the wastegate that is broken? There also was a diesel leak, but that is fixed now. The stupid mechanic that worked on it before I bought it pinched the return line hose from the last injector in between the intake manifold, which then resulted in to high pressure on the connections. 

Any ideas? Is the turbo gone?

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