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USB duplication of song tracks


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My Jan 18 cmax audio is great apart from one thing. If I insert a usb stick the songs play ok. Great. Then a few weeks later I update the stick and add more tracks then reinsert it.  Upon playing, I find the same songs appear and play twice, eg as 7/224 and 8/224. If I update the stick again I get three copies!  I even tried putting a new stick in with new tracks never previously included, and found I could still play tracks from the previous stick. How? Are the tracks being uploaded to some hard disc storage in the car audio?  And if so, how do I manage those stored files? The obvious remedy is reset, but that option seems to do nothing.  I love the car but this is a weird problem. I must be missing something?

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Strange, sorry i cant help, but im intrigued, i just stream from my phone.

Hope you get an answer, might be worth asking in General Ford Discussions a lot more traffic in there as it may well be a sync3 problem that someon may recognise .

just a thought do you just erase the stick or reformatt maybe a reformat will help

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