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Radiator fan not cutting in, thermostatic switch changed


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Hi all, 

Would anyone have any ideas on my new problem with the Escort: the engine overheats as the fan won't start. When I short it (from the thermostatic switch multiplug), the fan does switch on. I have replaced the thermostatic switch on the thermostat housing , but the problem persists. I am at a loss, because the switch is the only part of the circuit that I seem to remove when I short the fan as above. By the way, is there a sensor for the actual radiator temperature? I would think that this should make the fan switch on (when the temperature in the radiator reaches a certain value)...

Many thanks! 

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By shorting out the multiplug and getting the fan to work,shows the thermostatic switch is at fault.Have you fitted a new switch?To test the switch is working correctly,you need a continuity tester.Run the engine up to temperature and when you'd expect the fan to cut in,place the leads across the switch terminals with the meter set to ohms and see if the needle deflects across,this shows the switch closing and would operate the fan.According to the Haynes manual,the fan is fed from F9.


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