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1995 Acapulco - is it worth anything?


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Sorry if I haven't followed forum etiquette - I am first time poster.

My elderly father can no longer drive.

He as a blue 1.4 petrol 4 speed manual saloon Escort Acapulco 1995. He is the second owner only and has had it since 1999.

It has only done 57k miles, always had it serviced (never kept the paperwork of course), brand new tyres, and kept it in a garage etc... For it's age you would say it is in an amazing condition not a spot of rust etc..

It hasn't been on the road for I suppose 12 - 18 months and so does not have an MOT.

Is is worth anything? The scrap yard will give me £150 for it but it really is more car than that.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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