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2004 Fiesta won't tick over when cold


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My wife's 2004 Fiesta Flame won't tick over when the engine is cold.

It starts but if you don't keep the revs up then the engine stops.

Even whilst driving it if you take your foot off the accelerator it will cut out. 

After around 5 minutes it's fine and ticks over like normal.

Info about the car (if it makes a difference)-

•Its petrol.

•she'll drive it to the last drop of petrol before putting £10-£20 in.

•She is a house to house carer so it is stop starting quite a lot with short journeys.

•when this started I noticed the engine oil was almost empty (my fault, I forgot to keep an eye on it) when I put some in it seemed better for a week or so.

Thank you for any help you give and I hope I put this in the right topic area...

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My mk4 fiesta cuts out like that from time to time. Usually when it's cold and when I break and slow down for a corner or roundabout. 


I can catch it and stop it from happening so long as I rev the engine. Figured it is the idle throttle control valve or something along those lines.


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HI Martin,


I have exactly the same problem with my wife 2006 Fiesta Duratech. I have changed o2, throttle body, MAF sensor and it had a cracked PCV pipe but all to no avail. Its sending me round the bend.

Do you find the problem as mine is identical to the one you posted about?


Thanks very much in advance.




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