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Sync 3 Map Update September 2018


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I've just updated my 2017 Focus with the recent Sync 3 Map update from Ford (the 22GB file).

After about 80 minutes I got a popup with "Installation Complete. You may now remove your USB device...."

However, the xml log file was not created in the SyncMyRide folder on the USB flash drive, so I cannot confirm the update on Ford's website. I've checked and the USB flash drive was formatted correctly as ex-Fat.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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There seems to be confusion about whether a xml file should be produced or not. I know the website asks you to upload the file but apparently its actually an error on the website.


According to some who have emailed Ford or called the support number.


The base software produces the xml and is not required for the maps from what I read.


Having said that even though I have F7 installed when I enter the Vin online I still get prompted for an update the last time I checked. So who knows.



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I have just rechecked online and it says maps are up to date. So assuming when you connect to WiFi it sends the servers a update?



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