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he fellow kuga-lovers....i have recently bought a 2015 kuga tdci 2L....i am looking at sourcing some additional bits for it,(if they are available, or compatible with this model)...i am looking for an "auto-tint" rear view mirror. as i work nights, i do most of my driving at night..i would rather have the mirror tint automatically than manually, with the lever under the mirror.

does ford do a "CD multichanger" option for this model, it just has a single CD facility at the moment?. 

finally, i have just got a new sliding boot cover for the car and noticed that there is no flexible "flap", at the back of the unit with the clips that attach to the rear headrest bars?..as you know, the rear seats can recline, the gap is about 6 inches to allow for this..all the cars i have had with a boot cover, have this flap on the back to cover the gap...the cover covers one half of the boot contents, but not the other, a bit pointless really. 

any help/advice would be much appreciated.

cheers guys 😊

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53 minutes ago, powerbow1415 said:

cheers Luke...i guess i am just old fashioned...i would not know where to start with all these alternative in-car music options😄

Personally I've signed up to Spotify, I've downloaded all the music I like on to my Samsung Galaxy S8 and play it in the car connected via bluetooth, ive also gotten a home stereo with bluetooth my phone stays in my pocket, If I get a phone call it comes through the Speakers in the car aswell, 

Spotify also create a playlist of 30 songs k might like based on my downloads and change the playlist every Tuesday, breaks up the week on way to or from work. 

Not trying to derail the thread just saying, it's a pretty good alternative to CD's for a small monthly fee or annual payment to Spotify. 

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On 11/14/2018 at 10:18 PM, Luke4efc said:

I'm surprised you get a CD player at all nowadays never mind a multicd. But No, there's no option for it as >10x the amount of music can be stored on something as small as your fingernail...


The inbuilt head unit may be able to play MP3's off a CD. You can fit many more mp3's on a CD than standard CD audio. 

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