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Whooshing Sound from Rear N/S?


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I wonder if anyone can help me.  I have had my Edge for a little while now and since day one there has been a sound coming from the rear ns.  It is intermittent and comes come on in a wave and then disappears.  It lasts about 2-3 secs and I can hear it over the stereo.

At its peak it sounds a little like the A/C seats on 3, or a bad electronic wave crashing on a beach sound.

Does anyone know what it is before I take a mini sledge to the back of the car?  It is driving me crazy.


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Yep, you're right Ant, it is the heated seats. I was puzzled by this when I first got my Edge as previous cars I'd had with heated seats didn't have fans in them so didn't make a noise. I still find mine a little annoying as they are quite loud. Overall though I love the car so I can put up with a mild annoyance.

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Mines has heated rear seat but no noise, Only noise I hear from rear is the fans in heater vents to the rear.  I was under the impression it is only the front seats that have the fans for the cooling , climate control.   controlled from the two blue seat switches,  next to the red  (heated seats ) switches.

Not used this feature tho so don`t know what happens when you flick those blue ones. 

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