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Car break in - using the petrol cap door

Jessica Wylie

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So last night someone broke into our car, they didn't steal anything or break any windows, but all the doors were unlocked.

My partner always checks the doors to ensure they are locked, so they were definitely locked before we went to bed. But this morning the door to the fuel cap was on the floor, the cap was undone (although no fuel was taken) and ALL the doors were unlocked. The alarm wasn't set off either.

Just wanted to know if anyone knows about this issue? And what would your suggested course of action be to prevent this from happening again?

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Does the end of your key look like the part circled on this picture (the fob itself may look different). If so then that key (called a Tibbe btw) has a massive vulnerability to the point where a £20 tool readily available on amazon can unlock any car that uses that type of key.2103501442_s-l1600(1).thumb.jpg.eba7efd540f334ed55b81b8c9f446e59.jpg

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