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Ford Fiesta 2003 Heater Control Valve - No Hot Air

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I appreciate this will have been covered 10s of 000s of times, but I'm struggling to find any info about the 2003/MK6 Heater Control Valve location.

I've stripped engine side of the wall apart but only see the pipes heading in, but I've then stripped inside the car and have found the pipes going into the heater matrix, but I'm not sure where to the find the HCV which I believe to be the problem, and in between these 2 lots of pipes.

Currently, the pipes heading to the heaters from the engine get warm after the car has been running for a little while, but we have no hot air coming out of the heaters.

We're going to see whether the pipes to the heater matrix get warm shortly to see if it's a blocked heater matrix.

Any help to find this part and get it fixed for my mother-in-law would be greatly appreciated

Thank You


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So, having had another look last night, does the MK6 Fiesta have a Heater Control Valve?

We've come to the conclusion that it possibly doesn't, and we found out last night that the heaters will get warm but only on high revs, 3000 odd.

As soon as the revs are let off it goes instantly cold again, it is 0 degrees here at the moment so just wondering whether the heater matrix isn't fully warm and the cold air is taking over very quickly.


Currently the Thermostat is broken open due to us not being able to figure out why the car was over heating. We're going to replace this with a new one and see what that does, whether it over heats again or whether it behaves and improves the warm air

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