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Well,a couple of days ago out in the edge collecting some stuff and no issues.Had a few things to do at home plus use the wife's fiat if I needed it. Anyway yesterday morning was off to Falkirk so opened up the car as usual but Nothing! No beeps,no wing mirror movement,nothing! Went to local ford garage but they did not want to come out, as everything is in the car I had to get the ford number off them.Phoned ford who said AA we're on their way but instead a recovery truck from Falkirk arrived and was going to jump the battery but then was told I can't even get in.Not tried to open manually before but unable to get the bit off. Phoned local ford garage and they said "prise it off". Don't want to break it .Anyway called ford assist again so they are coming at 7am so will see how it goes.Not chuffed at all. Any advice gratefully taken. Read through the forum and saw one topic where it was still in the garage after five weeks so won't be chuffed if that happens.I have Andy Barratts email ready if all goes wrong!

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have found the problem.It was the dash cam drawing down the power.Never had a car before that did not switch off the power to the 12V sockets.Whilst it went in to Ford for a check I asked about the tailgate matter and they had a failure of a strut but thought my issues were unlikely so lots of bits were lubricated and had it back a week now and no issues with the tailgate at all plus have to just disconnect the dash cam every time I lave the car overnight outside the house

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