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2007 1.3 KA coolant drain


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As always, the bottom hose drains the rad off but what's an effective way to drain the block and heater matrix?

I like to purge the system of the old antifreeze but refilling!

Does the system self bleed the air out through the header tank with the engine running when refilling?



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Attempted the job of antifreezing today but one of the thermostat housing spouts (heater matrix) is partly broken off so it needs a new housing.

Are these housings prone to breaking?   ... it wasn't me that broke it so curious if they are a weak part!



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Hi, yes the stat housing becomes very brittle after a while, better to change the whole unit out as they come complete with new stat and gasket with the housing.

I changed mine at the same time I changed the HCV as a matter of precaution, then back flushed the system with clean water before replacing the coolant, and yes it vents through the expansion tank but I always squeeze the hoses aswell just to help purge any trapped air.

Its a well known trait....

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Why do a lot of folk think dropping the bottom rad hose of is sufficient to clear the system of old coolant?

I've always taken the heater matrix pipes off, one at a time, and flushed through both ways with water. This helps flush the block out too,

I usually take the expansion bottle off as well and give that a good shake out with water in the sink.

You can actually do a coolant flush with the engine warm, provided you use hot water for flush and refill. The concentrate can be warmed in the microwave.



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