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Wheel bearing??


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Hi all, I’m new to the forum but have just purchased a 2008 1.2 fiesta zetec. I’ve an issue that is really starting to bug me. Initially I thought it was a bad wheel bearing in the nsf with the normal droning sound of a bad bearing but after jacking the car up and checking the smoothness of the bearing by spinning the wheel and checking for play I’m really not sure as both checks appeared fine. The noise starts at about 20 / 30 mph. My question is can a bearing still appear smooth and the wheel have no play but still be bad? It has been suggested to me that it could be a differential bearing? Tracking? Or the tyre that is partly worn on the inside edge? Might be worth adding doesn’t matter if your in gear or just coasting it still does it.

tia for any advice / reply’s. 

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