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Plastic trim steering wheel removal


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trying to inspect the cruise control switch/button on my mk7.5 fiesta! However I can not seem to get the plastic trim off after removing the 3 screws on the wheel, does it simply just pull off?


secondly does anybody know the part number for the cruise control switch with blue leds not the red?


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Yes see I have read that you can just remove the plastic trim without the airbag but not sure if that is the case? I just couldn’t get the bottom piece to release at the bottom of the wheel! 

Let me know how you get on?

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Did it today @Bwhitehead.

I took the airbag off. Taking the airbag off was quite difficult. There are two methods to do it. On the facelift model it is a bit different to the video I posted earlier as  you have to cut part of the  trim where the holes on the pre facelift are. Follow the Haynes manual to do this.

Or you can remove the steering column trim (not hard, 3 screws) and turn the wheel about to get to the rectangular holes at the back of the wheel.

Whether going through the holes you cut or from the back of the wheel, the objective is to move the airbag retaining wires. Essentially a metal rod that you need to push towards the centre of the wheel, whilst pulling out the airbag module in order to get the past the retaining lugs. I use bicycle puncture repair tyre levers for a lot of trim removal and used them to pry out the airbag whilst pushing the retaining wires.

My controls looked fine however...

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I managed to get the plastic trim off using a plastic knife! I then cleaned the switch using electrical cleaner which seems to have rectified the problem for now! Will see how it goes .......

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