escort mk6 diesel pats bypass

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hi new to the forum and got a quick question, my 2001 escort 55 van 1.8 diesel (non turbo) recently snapped a timing belt. I managed to source a really cheap engine and box rather than spend the money fixing the original engine. ive replaced the diesel pump solenoid (pats one) in the pump with the aftermarket one that was in my original engine, I have power to the solenoid, power to the glow plugs, but I cant seem to get the starter to crank over, im not getting power to the starter solenoid wire, if I bypass the original wire and put a separate wire to the solenoid I still get nothing. is the starter connected to the pats system. the immobiliser light is flashing on the dash, but its flashing that fast I cant count the flashes to find a fault, is there an easy bypass method to get round the pats or should I fit the original diesel pump.

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