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Crankcase hoses


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Greetings! I have a few questions regarding the crankcase ventilation hoses. On my Fiesta MK 6  there is a hose straight behind the MAP sensor. This hose is connected to the intake manifold and in the other end is blocked by a cap! Could someone please provide some knowledge about this hose? What is the purpose of it hence is blocked in the other end? I think it is correct that the blow-off gases should pass through the air filter in order to put them directly into the air suction flow line, right? From what I see under the bonnet, from the PCV valve there's another hose running somewhere behind the engine block and this hose ( the capped one ) is just sitting there like an appendage. I'm uploading an image that I saw in another topic in the forum about vacuum leaks. The hose is the one behind the ''MAP sensor fits here''.

Ford Fiesta MK 6 1.4 16V from 2002


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