System too lean (Bank 1)

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Hi. I have a Focus 2002 Mark 1 (Automatic) 

Back in July 2018 it had an MOT and Engine service and it flew through the MOT with no problems and then had a service. I drove it out of the garage and within minutes the car cut out at the traffic lights like it stalled but it’s an Automatic. Anyways, that never happened again but within about 2 weeks the engine management light popped on. A friend I work with plugged in his code reader and I got “System too lean bank 1” so, we’ve replaced the Lambda Sensor, cleaned the MAF sensor and the code still comes on. So I replaced the MAF sensor and checked for any air leaks and it’s still on. I’ve been thinking of changing the spark plugs (which was changed on the service) The car was running brilliant before this service so I can’t get my head around it. Any ideas guys? Thanks 🙂 

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