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Dashboard Lights


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Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my Ford C-max diesel 2011. A few minutes (app. 5-7 minutes) after I start the vehicle, all the light on the dashbord light up (oil, engin, security belt, hand brake, ABS, hill, servo, slipping...) literaly all the lights that exist, speedometer, tachometer, milleage counter (trip computer) do not work either...the only thing that work is fuel level and engin temperature... The vehicle runs "normally", besides that the steering wheel is a bit stiff (not too much)... The dashboard cluster has been replaced, the error persists, ABS has been replaced, the error persists... When I turn off the vehicle and start it again, only the engin light stays on (sometimes oil light too), the third time I turn off the vehicle, no light is turned on, everything seems normal, then the next time I start the vehicle, all lights are on again. Sometimes when I turn off the vehicle and I lock it, front car lights do not turn off and I have to lock it several times in order to turn off the lights. 


Any ideas what it might be?


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A low battery can start the car ok but throw up all sorts of problems worth checking the alternato too, if a phase hase gone down it can give faults but look ok if checked with a multimeter.

Also have you had fault codes read?

Not sure if the model share its instuments with the Focus which often gets binnacle faults.

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