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FYI: I just went through similar "fun" -  The first zip-file I downloaded didn't work, despite trying several configurations (e.g. dragging everything into the root of the USB-stick, etc.). That zip-file was downloaded on a Windows 10 O/S PC via its Edge-browser.

Then I used a different PC (Linux O/S and Fire-Fox browser) and downloaded a different zip-file called "E1BT-14D544-AN-PKS.zip". Just copying its content into the root of the USB-stick worked (*), following the Ford-process (engine on for 20 minutes, etc.), giving my Sync 1.1 the version v5.11 software.

  • The root had a directory called "SyncMyRide" plus files "autoinstall.lst" and "install.lst".
  • Inside "SyncMyRide" were 7 files: 6 *.CAB and 1 *.SEC, one CAB-filename started with "8", the other CAB and SEC files started with "E" (e.g. "8L2T-14D546-AF.cab", "E1BT-14D544-AN.sec" - Image attached below).
  • FYI - After the upgrade, the "SyncMyRide" directory will get a *.XML file you upload back to Ford, to check if the upgrade worked.

Perhaps downloading the software again will work for you too (?).

    John M



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