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Fiesta Titanium Eco Boost 2014

Steve L

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Hi I am new to this site and I am not sure if I have posted my questions in the correct area of the site.

I purchased a used Ford Fiesta Titanium EcoBoost last week and have noticed that the boot light does not come on. Is there a switch or something I have overlooked?

Also does the auto start stop work straight away when stopping at traffic lights and in heavy traffic or does it just work in certain conditions? I must admit I have been driving the car since last week with the auto start stop turned off (which I personally prefer) but enabled it this evening to test it and the engine did not cut out at traffic lights or in heavy traffic.

Thanks in advance for any constructive answers to the above.

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Boot light might be the bulb has burnt out. You can get LED panel replacements of eBay pretty cheap that plug into the original bulb holder.

Stop start has to meet a few conditions before it kick in. Car has to be going less than 2mph. battery voltage has to be fully charged - if you have heaters on full, radio and other stuff drawing power then it may not kick in. Some cars ensure engine is up to temperature as well, but my 2014 fiesta ecoboost will kick in even when cold.

Check for any error codes if it's not kicking in and report back.

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