My Car Impression After 25 Months Of Ownership/Use

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Hi All

25 Months on, still a few warranty problems getting sorted out, but have 3 years total warranty on my car.

I think that as I bought my Edge, not long after the Uk launch, thereby making it an early model could be one of the reasons for the catalogue of problems that I have encountered.

I have really enjoyed my Edge, and still am enjoying it.

Am getting 37-38mpg fuel economy, with mostly round town driving.

On way home from work there is a short stretch of road that I can open it up on, I do this about twice a week, depending on conditions.

Yes, it is a slightly larger car than most around making parking a problem sometimes, I am still to try the auto park systems on my one.

Even though my dealer says they have sold many of these, I still don't see that many around.

I was given a free health check, with all the benefits from my dealer, so saved a bit of money there.

Front tyre wear has been a problem, my car had softer compound Continentals all round fitted as factory standard.

As my local (trusted) tyre fitter explained to me. He was seeing more in the way of tyre wear due to the growing popularity of Suv's.

I had two Bridgestone tyres fitted on the front, being a slightly harder compound tyre. Will see how long these last.

As to the interior, I have the Lux pack option with leather, full length sun roof, etc.

The front seats are climate controlled, as in are heated and have air con built into them, the rear seats are heated.

The front seats are fully electrically adjustable, with 3 memory positions for the drivers seat. The rear seats can be reclined.

On long journeys, my kids make use of the 240v socket in the rear of the centre console, as well as using the 12v socket.

My wife makes use of the illuminated vanity mirror in the sun visor, have yet to use my one (no I am not vain).

The interior heating does get too hot for me, so the dual zone front climate controls comes into use and is quite effective.

Onto ride comfort, part of my work commute takes me over some fairly "bumpy" road conditions.

In my previous car these could be felt through the car, but the Edge seems to glide over these bumps like a hovercraft.

I have not experienced any wind noises whilst driving, to date.

Being in a slightly higher seated position, lets you see over some hedges down country lanes, in my opinion.

My wife finds it easier to get into/out of my car (she is currently on the waiting lists for knee replacement surgery).

It has given a few drivers a bit of a shock as to being nimble/quick from a red traffic light for my cars size.

When you see them pull into the outside lane, and you feel like having a laugh (I always take road/other conditions into account).

I have noticed that having a Ruby Red coloured car seems to make it invisible to some other drivers.

My standard headlights have been ok so far (I did look at/still am looking at changing to Led).

The auto main beam works ok. I even had someone flash me when I was driving on dipped beam one night.

Have tried cruise control on a few long runs now, the most difficult thing I found with this was getting a happy speed to suit other vehicles on the same road as myself, apart from that no problems were encountered.

I will be trying out the parking aids (auto park as I think of it (I know it is still partially manually controlled)).

For me this is a matter of going out to try these. I have two years (well about 1 year left) of warranty so no great rush.

All in all I think my Edge is a good car. Even though I have had a few problems with my one (see other posts I have made).

On the question of would I buy another, who knows what the future holds, but I got my car at a real can't really refuse it, bargain price.

To replace my car like for like, going by todays specs, I would have to get a Top End model, but still drop a couple of extra's as they would not be included in the build spec, though it would cost me a lot more (obviously).

Happy Motoring




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Great write up Dave and I agree with all you say. I have had a few issues my self, but nearing having the car for two years and previous cars (mainly Land/Range Rovers) only lasting a year says a lot!

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Nice write up. I’m 20 months in and 17500 miles. Only snag I’ve had is a worn steering wheel and an air conditioning pump which ate itself- both replaced under warranty. 

I’m like you in that I really like the car, but doubt very much I’d have another one. That said I see no reason to change the car so may end up keeping it for 10 years.  

I like there’s not many about- like that it’s quick for its size and handles well- like it’s Uber quiet and comfy- love the size of the boot and rear leg room- it is slightly too big for me though, but that’s my fault. 

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Good write up. Had our edge 18 months and it has done 32,000 miles and the only problem we have encountered is AWD is off light on dash and Awd stops working. Only happens when you really need it and dosn't happen all the time. Garage hasn't been able to explain or fix as yet. Other than that great car, very comfy and loads of room for all passengers. Does eat tyres though, but this is maybe the same for all SUV's due to the extra weight.

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