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Probably about to sound like a Twit but not used my car since Friday so it’s been sat over the weekend 

drove for about 10-15 minutes stopped at some lights went to pull away car stalled didn’t think anything of it at first just thought it was me being to quick on the clutch then it happened again as I was about to turn. 

I have no warning lights on my dash doesn’t sound any different drives alright until this happens. 


I havent changed my coolant to cold weather yet does anyone think it could just be the weather? 


Car is a 2011 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Diesel 


Had it’s MOT in July no problems since owning it the only problem I’ve had was it made a “hairdryer noise “ when the water was low when we had a heatwave but as soon as I filled it up it was fine 

any help would be appreciated 😬

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