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Rattling sound when clutch down - should I be worried?


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For starting a new job, I will need a reasonably reliable car for a (short) commute. Having owned two previous "junk" Kas as a complement to my bicycle for occasional tri[s, I'm now wanting to spend a bit more money on getting a car I'm used to driving which is a lot less likely to break down on me like my current write-off did.

So today, I looked at a Ford Ka Zetec climate at a trade dealer's. Very clean MOT history, low mileage and generally in very good condition for its age. The photos on the ad did seem to have carefully avoided showing the few decorative defects. But oh well, salesmen will always be salesmen...

But what got me quite worried during my test drive, was a quiet rattling noise when the clutch was pressed down. Seller said it was normal, and I just shouldn't keep the clutch down except for changing gear... but I can't recall my two previous Kas ever behaving the same in this regard. Having googled it with a friend, we found some info saying it could be a problem with the bearing, and that it'd be an expensive repair. So I ended up saying no thanks to the deal, at least until doing some research...

Not being a car-savvy person, and don't really know what to make of it though... whether that quiet rattling noise when the clutch is down is just a benign nuisance of this particular model, or if it indeed is pointing to a problem with the gearbox.

The irony is my write-off Ka with the failing engine (still to be scrapped) had things the other way around - noise (though louder and of a different kind) when the clutch is *not* pressed, but "quiet" (if you ignore the general shaking engine) when pressed all the way down. But "opposite effect to my scrap Ka" doesn't necessarily translate to "good" here...

So I figured a dedicated Ford Ka forum might be the best place to ask for some advice on how to judge this?

I have some recorded audio from my phone, of me pressing and releasing the clutch uploaded on my Google drive account, as my description might not be adequate: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IdIwb9NRgFklOMoFdF9G2-2x5yn2v7da/view?usp=sharing



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Sounds like a clutch bearing to me, the dealer appears to want rid before it lets go....if you do buy it then I would put a clutch kit into it straight away, personally I would try to get hold of a fiesta which can be had for decent money...........

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