ABS Pump/Module - Part Numbers

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Hi everyone, 

Long time lurker but first time poster! 

Been a happy Ford owner for 4 years now but the car's recently thrown up the C1288 ABS error code - less than 4 weeks before the MOT is due! 

My question is - is there any way to determine the part # for the module currently fitted (maybe using the VIN?) without physically removing the part itself? The engine bay is so busy I can't even see the pump let alone the sticker on it... and would rather avoid paying the garage to access the part twice. I'm looking to either replace the part with a second hand from ebay and have it programmed or send the module off to be rebuilt as a genuine replacement is not financially possible at this moment in time. 

Thank you in advance for any help and advice you're able to offer :) 

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If you're sending it to a garage then surely they will find the part and fit it for you? If it's a decent sized garage then the local motor factors will probably do multiple deliveries a day to them.

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