Door central locking problem

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I’ve had my 2004 Ford Focus Cmax for 14 years. It’s a 1.6 TDCi Zetec.

I can ONLY open the drivers door by either the key fob or key manually. It won’t unlock 3 passenger doors with remote fob or manually. You can’t unlock doors from inside either apart from drivers door. 

You can hear the door mechanism in each door deadlocking when you press the remote key fob. So their is something happening in each door. 

On the central locking diagram in the Haynes manual it shows a ‘door unlock relay’ but I’ve no idea where that is? Maybe behind the door card? 

Its driving me crazy as I’ve exhausted every attempt to rectify it. I’ve tried reprogramming. Is their anybody who has had this problem and resolved it? Thanks 

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I had this. Repairing the driver’s door lock helped. C-MAX 2006

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