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my kuga keeps giving the red engine malfunction

mrs c

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hi iv had this car for about a year now and it has been in the garage loads of times iv had:-

new alternator and fuel filter housing

oil deterioration twice

4 glow plugs

a new starter motor

filter for a/c kit - element & gask element assy

power steering pump

I just wanted to know if anyone can advise me as to what could be wrong with it now all it tells me is its an engine malfunction

in red?  Every time I get it fixed its ok for about a month then it brake again and its aways the same warning.


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if it keeps going wrong I would suggest you buy your own fault code reader. they cost less than what a garage would charge to read the fault codes for you (usually).

this seller has been recomended many times on fiesta and focus forum.

The modified version has extra switch added which gives extra functions when used on ford cars.



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