IPod and Sync 3 Indexing problem

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Hi.  Wonder if anyone can advise..

I have a 10 year old IPod (16gb), that i have used in my previous Galaxy's no probs

When i got my Edge i connected it as usual via USB cable and it worked fine

Upgraded the Sync to V3 and it still worked OK

Then did a sync of the IPod to my ITunes library.

Now when i try and search for the playlists on the IPod, it says "cant search as indexing" This carries on continuously 

I can play music but only "all songs", not any playlists or genres

I have googled this issue and there is a lot of chatter about it, but has anyone on here had the same problem, and if so is there a fix

I was wondering about doing a Master Reset of the Sync 3 first to see if that reset the Ipod, but not sure?


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