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Cam bolt will undo but not all the way, can't remove lower cover


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Good Evening,

I have a 2016 Mk 2.5 Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium on 100K, I've taken it to my local garage and they couldn't get the crank bolt out to get the lower cambelt cover off. It started to undo, then got stuck, so they did it back up again. I have spoken to a ford specialist, and say its an issue with too much locktite from the factory. They have got the tools to drill out and re-thread the cam. 

Has anyone else heard of this, or does anyone know of anyone in the Midlands that would be able to do this, because the place I've spoken too proves a bit of a logistical issue.

Thanks in Advance.


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Undo the crank bolt as far as it will go  then warm the crank bolt with a warm air gun and keep undoing. 

That's the official ford method. What you don't want to is use an air or battery impact wrench. That will snap the bolt.

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mentions crank belt but in title and in one other place says cam. Confusing. I am guessing it is the crank, as the cam bolt is under the cover.

If all else fails this is an improvisation I might use.  remove the cover by brute force, breaking it. I do not know how easy it is to break or cut with a stanly knife.

Buy a new cover. cut it in two across where the crank hole in it. you might then be able to reinstal in two parts. Maybe put silicon sealant on join to keep dirt out.

I know it sounds a  total bodge but if it's the difference between having a car that goes and one which is scrapped for economic reasons then this might be way forward.

I don't know what the prupose of the removal is so it might turn out that what needs doing can't be done with the crank pulley still on there

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Thanks, one garage had said about removing the cover with a knife then bodging it back together.

I ended up finding a garage TrueFord near Reading, they're used to dealing with this, and have the knowledge and, should the bolt snap, the tooling to drill and retap the bolt.

All sorted now, although cost about £200 more than regular cambelt change. 

Tony was very helpful.

Hope this helps someone else out.



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