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Automatic Transmission Fluid


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I'm new to this forum and the proud 2. owner of a Focus mk III facelift with automatic gearbox from 2015.

It has done over 100 kkm so cheking around for serviceintervals I wondered whether it wasn't time for a change of the transmission fluid. It turned out however form a visit to Etis.ford that there to my surprise appear to be no serviceinterval for this what so ever, which doesn't seems right to me. Consulting the owners manual just increase the confusion as it informs that my car has the Powershift gearbox. Colsuting the Ford dealer from where it was bought brings about that it is fitted with a Torque Converter (TC) automatic gearbox (6F35?). After Google checking I believe it is indeed the TC gearbox that is fitted. This brings me to the next question - Should the transmission fluid for this be changed?, And if so at what intervals? And can I do this myself? - The Ford dealer informs me that it can't be done at home since there is no way to check the level which requires a special tool. I have a feeling this can't be true but I don't have a procedure. 

Have anyone recommendations of serviceintervals for the TC automatic gearbox and has anyone tried to do a fluid exchange? What fluid and filter did you use? - Unfortunately the owners manual is no good in this respect either as it state the gearoil for the Powershift gearbox, which definitely should'nt go in an automatic gearbox.

Br Peter



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I have a 2015 Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost with Auto transmission. Like yours, the service schedule makes no mention of transmission oil change, however a main dealer told me it needed doing every 3 years or 37500 miles. I e-mailed Ford directly on UKCRC1@FORD.COM and got the following response:

"After reviewing the information provided, we can confirm that you are not required to complete a Transmission Fluid Change on your vehicle; this is a sealed unit and does not require servicing. The servicing Dealership would be required to check for any leaks, and if found to replace the unit."

So that seems consistent with the service schedule, but very different from the dealer advice.


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