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Car doesn't start & shows 'transmission malfunction' on the dash


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I have a 2.0 TDCI Ford Focus 2008 MKII.

I hadn't driven it for a few days and when I did the central locking wasn't working but all other electric worked fine and the car ignition engaged but wouldn't start.

I removed and charged the battery, The car started fine and drove fine for 30 minutes after which I parked and left, The next day, the car was completely dead! No electrical activity at all.

I charged the battery, ran it again for 40 minutes to confirm the alternator hadn't died. It worked fine. Left it over night, and again completely dead.

Charged it again, ran it, then disconnected the battery negative terminal overnight, the next day re-connected and it worked fine so I figured the engine was dis-charging the battery.

I got a multi-meter and checked and discovered when hooked up, the engine was pulling 16A from the battery, killing it in under 2 hours.

I went through the primary and auxiliary fuse boxes pulling fuses to try and isolate the circuit causing the problem, no change. My suspicion is still potentially the alternator is the problem. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

After all that, the car threw out a 'transmission malfunction'. All electrics work but the ignition doesn't engage, so I can't start the car, and when I turn on the headlights i hear a single click from the auxiliary fuse box under the glove compartment.

Any ideas?


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Hi . 
min having the exact same problem with my car did you ever get to the bottom of it ? Pulling my hair out trying to work our what has happened literally just went dead and now won’t turn over and throwing the transmission malfunction and engine malfunction 


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