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1.8 Or 2.0 Diesel


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Hi all,

just joined the site, I'm about to change one of our cars for a c-max. I've seen a 1.8 diesel with a load of toys but it only has a 5 speed manual gearbox which is standard. Looking at the 2.0 diesel its a 6 spd, just wondering if there's much difference on the motorway and if the 1.8 revs high when doing motorway driving.


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The 1.8 is an older 8 valve Ford diesel engine that has been upadted with common rail technology. The 2.0 is a newer 16 valve design. The 2.0 is smoother and more refined than the 1.8. Not sure what the 1.8 revs at on the motorway, the 2.0 is at approx 1700 rpm when doing 70, at 100 mph is revs at 3k rpm (so I've been told!).Both engines should be capable of over 50mpg if driven sensibly on the motorway. I should just point out that those are the figures for the engines in a focus but should be similar for a cmax as well.

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