Ka 2004 1.3 hatch wont start batt good.

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Hi son in laws 2004 ka 1.3 has an intermittent not wanting to start when cold.

The battery is fine it turns the engine over quite quickly and doesn't give up.

This is the second time its done this and he has ended up catching a train to work and arriving late.

I was with him this morning when he tried to start it...key in crank over the tries to fire but wont fully start this is without throttle...

Give it throttle and it wont even try to fire.

When it failed last week he left it 30 mins and tried again and started an ran as normal.

I suspected a part blocked fuel filter old one we found out has not been changed in 100.000mls...bought a new one but not been able to fit it yes due stuck quick release fitting...looking into that at present.

How would we test the fuel pump?

Any ideas guys.

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change the fuel filter first and see how that goes 


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