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Problem When Warm


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Hi all, I hope someones able to assist / help me on this problem I've been having with my mondeo.

It's a 2001 model, 2.0 Duratec HE Zetec (petrol).

It had a running issue before where you would turn the car off then try and start it again and it wouldn't start for ages, this was fixed when I changed the spark plugs, HT leads and especially the coilpack.

However the persistant issue still remains when the car has been running for a bit and gets upto "temperature".

Idling, being left you can hear it now and again where it sounds like it's "missing".

Driving when warm it seems to judder / misfire a bit then you get the power (sort of but not as good as before)

A friend of mine told me it would probably be the MAF sensor, however I can't seem to find it anywhere, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated, as I understand it can be cleaned gently with some WD40 / Carb Cleaner.

Unless anyone else has any ideas of the issue it would be appreciated.

Below are some pictures of my engine bay (as for the life of me cannot find the maf) .. had been told it is in the air box / pipe that connects so I've also included some photos of what's in there as I cannot see it at all!




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under the engine cover there must be an electrical unit ont the pipe that comes from the air filter box so that the ecu can monitor the fuel mixture into the engine. here is an example of one on a tdci engine my mkii 1.8 zetec petrol was in the same place. follow this link!


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I don't suppose you have a picture or anything online I can look at to locate it directly?

Sorry for the newbie questions, I'm very very very new to maintaining a Ford, ha.

Thanks again,


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go to this link it will give u a rough idea of what u are looking for and instructions on how to clean it. i suspect the maf is under the engine cover on ures but still on the pipe that goes from the air filter box!


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