Traffic notifications on Sync 3 (latest version)

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When i use the Sync 3 Sat Nav, it never gives any traffic notifications on problems coming up on my planned journey

I had a 2016 Galaxy Titanium X before this Edge, and that worked well in traffic reports, giving advance warnings as "pop up" text boxes on the screen.

Am i missing something on the Edge Sat Nav or will i need to use another app to get directions with advanced traffic problem warnings?


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I'm presuming you've got it paired through your phone? Without an active route, I get congestion (amber and red overlays on the roads) on some major roads. It's a bit hit and miss when it shoes it. On an active route, it shows roadworks and does re-route due to traffic occasionally. Not sure if its in a map settings option off the top of m y head. Worth a look. Saying that, I wouldn't say its in your face all the time (i.e. like Google traffic overlays are).

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Hi Simon

If you are in navigation and have an "active route" on the go, you can press the icon that says "traffic list", and that does give you any problems on the route you have planned.

This is not what i had in the Galaxy (on Sync 2) as there, a pop up box would appear saying "congestion on M5" or whatever was appropriate for the route.

This system was to me "proactive" in trying to advise problems, whereas the Sync 3 Edge is very reactive..

I can sync to my android phone and get Android Auto, or my iPhone for Apple Car play, but actually would just prefer Sync 3 Navigation to be better on traffic alerts 


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