Throttle lag - Non turbo.

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Hi guys, I have a non turbo Ti-VCT engine from 2005 (that special 1.6 with the extra power than that of the other 'standard' 1.6 that was sold at the time) and when engine revs are lower than 2000 RPM, I'll put my foot to the floor and the car does nothing. The cars engine does change its tune/sound when doing so, but no acceleration of any kind....or well it does, but its incredibly slow until it hits roughly 2000 RPM and it then shoots off.

Is this normal for this engine or do I have some sort of throttle problem or blockage at a lower RPM or what? I've been driving intentionly at higher gears just to avoid this sort of thing (Ie making sure my revs are higher than 2000 RPM) It pulls off in 1st just fine so I'm confused.... I know nothing about engines so any help/advice if given would be greatly appreciated. (Hopefully by those who have experience with this engine)


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Yep sounds about right, if you want quick acceleration with an NA petrol you'll need to drop a gear, especially with a low capacity engine in a heavy Focus.  Even with Ti-VCT the max torque is still high up in the rev range.  Very different to diesels that produce torque low down.  You can cruise in high gears at low rpm no problem though, just drop a gear or two for an overtake or hold the gears longer if you're accelerating on a slip road.

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On 4/13/2019 at 12:04 PM, TomsFocus said:

Yep sounds about right...

Okay thanks for your reply. I learned to drive in a diesel and then spent a year after passing, driving a diesel truck for work still not owning my own car. 

I did then get a petrol 1.1 Kia Picanto as a hand me down from my mum 3yrs later and it being my first car. It was slow, but I figured that was just cos the engine was crappy (small) there was no turbo on it, but it really didnt matter what rev range you were in.... acceleration was just slow in all ranges hence my thinking "ah its just a crappy 1.1"

I suppose the learning to drive in a diesel and the truck got my idea (or used to one) of putting foot down and things will happen.

I got my 1.6 focus and I thought the same things would apply cos its more powerful than a crappy 1.1!!

But yah yah as been said its now an NA engine and petrol so need to have higher revs.

I'll continue with driving at a higher rev range with my focus, thanks again for replying. Albeit it is slightly annoying having to drop a gear.

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