Rear door not unlocking

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When I push unlock I can see the inside door-catch jump but it does not unlock. At first it was intermittent but now it just won't unlock from the remote or the drivers catch. I would guess that something is worn or bent. Very surprised I can't find anything on this subject. Car has just done 90K and its 09 reg.

I'm wondering if it may be a lube problem and a strategically drilled hole and some WD would fix it.


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Well it can't be much because it is working intermittently again. I achieved this by spraying silicone into the inside handle and by pulling a plastic clip near the door latch/striker that secures the rubber seal and spraying in there. I can still see it bouncing when it does not open so this is just something sticking. Looks like a big job though to pull the door card and mechanism and with it working sometimes I just don't want to to do it.😢

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