ford focus 1.8 vibration/lumpy idle

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Hi all 

just wondering if someone can help, my car has a very lumpy idle like vibrations/shaking, not bad but definitely noticeable. its a ford focus 1.8 petrol zetec

The car does not do it all the time just randomly sometimes worse than others, it does not do it when the car is cold, but other than the car runs fine pulls well in all gears etc just the idle issue.

i had the car in the garage (ford specialist) apparently  for some other work, he put the latest ECU updates and a service oil spark plugs etc..but still the rough idle persists, the mechanic said there is no fault codes on the diagnostic... i was thinking about a bottle of some cleaner in the tank and possibly use better fuel like v power or something as i heard some people noticed better idle etc. 

any ideas what could cause this and idea to fix.     


Last thing, my car when cold there is a noise like a belt spinning higher revs the fast the spinning but goes away when warm..i had the auxiliary belt replaced recently, but when i spoke to the mechanic he said there is 2 belts and the other needs replaced but why didn't he just do all this when i first told him and he replaced the auxiliary belt, and this is a supposed ford specialist garage. 




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anyone have any ideas lol. 

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